About Us

Scholo Foundation

We are a organisation bringing volunteer tutors together with young students vitally in need of education support.  We are developing a network of NGOs that provide much needed support to underprivileged children. Our focus is to bring much needed English, Maths and other core skills to orphans, refugees and children from broken homes.  

Originally started with a modest team of one, the foundation is to be managed by a group of like minded individuals who help organise, support and deliver this much needed education.

How we help

Initially we are focusing on children in need in Malaysia, where there is estimated to be more than 25 thousand refugee youth unable to access normal schooling.  We are starting to work with homes of children that already have some access to schooling and need additional tutoring to improve their chances of graduating and progressing to higher eduction.  The further goal is to offer full online schooling to refugees and other children that have no access to even the most basic formal education.